Make Your Own Hypochlorous Acid

Hypochlorous acid is a non-toxic disinfectant proven to be effective against COVID-19, E. coli, norovirus, salmonella, and other microbial pathogens. Your body naturally produces this same acid to fight off infection and disease. Now, you can make your own at your home or business using just salt, water, vinegar and electricity!

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Applications for Hypochlorous Acid


Greenhouses run hypochlorous acid through water lines to eliminate biofilm. It can be sprayed on crops to prevent fungal/viricidal growth and added to hydroponic water systems to control fungi.


HOCl is used to sanitize dental water lines and equipment. It can be a mouthwash alternative to chlorhexidine. It is cold-fogged in offices to remove viricidal aerosols created by dental tools and patients.


Many major airlines fog their planes with HOCl between flights to kill pathogens. Hotels, taxi drivers, and B&B's can use hypochlorous acid to safely sanitize between guests and reduce the spread of viruses.


Doctors can use hypochlorous acid as a topical antibiotic for wound care and as a disinfectant for medical tools. HOCl can be sprayed or fogged in medical settings to prevent pathogen spread.

Food Industry

Restaurants use HOCl for front-of-house disinfection and as a leave-on sanitizer for dishes and fresh produce. Meat packing and bottling plants spray HOCl on their product to prevent bacterial growth.


Dairies, chicken houses, and pig barns run hypochlorous acid through their water lines to eliminate biofilm, sanitize tanks, and treat disease. HOCl can be applied topically to treat mastitis and wounds.


Your body's natural disinfectant

Hypochlorous acid can be applied directly to eyes and skin. It is generated within human bodies to aid white blood cells in fighting off pathogens.