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Hypo Source is a manufacturer and distributor of quality hypochlorous acid generators and equipment, based in Arizona, USA.  We provide equipment that allows you to make hypochlorous acid on site with just water, salt, vinegar and electricity.  With our electrolysis machines, you can now generate your own natural, non-toxic disinfectant, no matter where you are.  For more information about hypochlorous acid, see FAQs.

Hypochlorous acid has been in use for over 100 years, but until recently it was difficult and expensive to make.  Single-cell electrolysis machines now make it possible to generate hypochlorous consistently and cheaply.  We think this is great, and want to make it easy for the world to access good machines.

We distribute equipment made by others, but in 2020, we started thinking about how to make a reliable, economical generator to produce significant quantities of hypochlorous acid at strengths as high as 500 ppm.  We were inspired by the needs of our African customers, who were suffering with long supply chains for disinfectants during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our vision was to build a machine that could make large quantities of hypochlorous acid on-site quickly and that would last for years in a rugged environment.  Our friends at ChlorKing shared our vision, and together we built a machine that checked all our boxes.  That’s how the Hypo 7.5 was born!

Though it was originally created for African markets, the Hypo worked so well that we decided to offer it to customers worldwide.  If you would like to make up to 7.5 liters (2 gallons) of hypochlorous acid per batch at strengths up to 500 ppm, we invite you to try the Hypo 7.5. Made in the USA and available worldwide for $2,200 each.  Everything you need is in the box – just supply salt, water, vinegar and electricity. 

Or if you're looking for a flow machine with automatic operation and regulation, check out our other products! Hypo Source is a proud distributor of EWCO and ChlorKing generators and Vectornate foggers. 


Hypo Source is a registered trade name of Waterbuck Partners LLC.