Efficacy lab testing for the Hypo 7.5
Laboratory testing is one of the best ways to ensure the solution you are producing with your machine is doing the work you want it to do. The European Union has established a set of tests that qualify disinfectants for...
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Is hypochlorous acid effective against monkeypox?
Monkeypox is a rare disease caused by infection with the monkeyvirus. It is primarily spread through close contact with infected bodily fluids or lesions, though it can also be spread through touching infected surfaces or objects. Monkeyvirus is an enveloped...
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For Growers: Frequently Asked Questions
Should I add hypochlorous acid to my soil-based crops? We don’t recommend using hypochlorous to disinfect soil because it is an oxidizing solution, which means it will focus on breaking down the nearest organic compounds first. Soil is full of...
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