Hypochlorous acid comes to Kebbi State, Nigeria

Hypochlorous acid comes to Kebbi State, Nigeria - Hypo Source

One of our African wholesale dealers, Miu Miu Alpha, hosted a regional conference last weekend in Kebbi, Nigeria on the benefits of hypochlorous acid as a protectant against infection and disease control. While hypochlorous acid (HOCl) has been used as a disinfectant since World War I, the technology that we now use to create a stable HOCl solution is relatively new. This means that those of us working in this industry have the responsibility to provide reliable, up-to-date information about HOCl and our products to consumers. A large part of Hypo Source’s mission is to provide education about what hypochlorous acid is and the many applications it has across global industries.

Maryam Mukhtar of Miu Miu Alpha embraced this mission and found a way to gather, educate, and train local community leaders on the benefits of hypochlorous acid. The conference was attended by hospital administrators, hotel and resort owners, medical laboratory scientists, and food industry professionals.

Hypochlorous acid conference attendees

There were talks given on the history of hypochlorous acid as a disinfectant, its role in various industries, and its comparison to other disinfectants. Lincoln (Hypo Source founder) and Dr. Scott Hartnett of EWCO were even able to Zoom into the conference from the United States for a Q&A with attendees.

Demonstration of Eco One Hypochlorous Acid Generator in Kebbi Nigeria

Maryam also gave a live demonstration of how to make hypochlorous acid with the Eco One machine. The Eco One is one of the most popular generators we carry and can make 1 liter of 100ppm HOCl in 8 minutes. It’s perfect for households and small offices—we like to keep ours on the kitchen counter for an unlimited supply of non-toxic general disinfectant and cleaner.

The conference was a great success and has since yielded new business opportunities for Miu Miu Alpha. Educating people about a new technology and product they’ve never heard of before takes patience, but it’s well worth it!  Thank you, Maryam, for all your hard work towards raising awareness of hypochlorous acid in your region!

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