The Hypo 7.5 passes the KEBS disinfectant test with flying colors

The Hypo 7.5 passes the KEBS disinfectant test with flying colors

The Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) acts like the FDA to validate and certify that the claims companies make about their products are actually valid. This is particularly important in the disinfectant and medical products industry, as it serves to protect the end user. Gaining a certification from KEBS can establish your validity as a distributor in the market and help gain the trust of your customers. Aside from that, it's also good to know that your product does what it says it does!

Hypo Source recently submitted a sample of 500 ppm hypochlorous acid to KEBS for testing. Our results showed a 7.5 Log reduction (99.99999%) in the pathogens tested. That's the equivalent of 1 in 10 million pathogens surviving! The test we applied for was the KS 929 test, which is the Kenyan equivalent of the EN 1276 test for chemical disinfectants and antiseptics. It measures the bactericidal and antimicrobial activity of the disinfectant.

A 7.5 Log reduction is exceptionally high--most lab tests require a 4 Log reduction in order to 'pass'. The sample of hypochlorous acid we submitted for the test was produced in the Hypo 7.5 in Kenya, using salt and vinegar locally sourced from a supermarket and tap water in Nairobi. This further proves the Hypo 7.5's durability and international suitability. Unlike other hypochlorous acid generators, the Hypo doesn't need specially filtered water or high quality ingredients to produce an effective and reliable disinfectant.

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